Scale comparison pic with some miniatures from other companies:
1: Red Box Games (latest from this year, bigger than before).
2: Reaper Miniatures (Bones Black range).
3: Reaper Miniatures (Dark Heaven Metal range).
4: Lucid Eye (Red Book of the Elven King range).
5: Bronze Age (Northmen range).
6: Former Barbaric Splendor (I may have some news on this miniature before the campaign ends).
7: Otherworld Miniatures.
8: Games Workshop (Warhammer Age of Sigmar).
9: Darksword Miniatures.
10: Games Workshop (Lord of the Rings old range).
11: Forge of Ice (different company, nearly the same name, and interests).
12: North Star (Rangers of Shadow Deep range).
13: Nort Star (Oathmark range).

You’ll find Forge of Doom miniatures pretty much compatible with nearly any other range out there!
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