Zorgalab the Destroyer

The story of Zorgalab, the most fearsome warrior of the Spider Cult in the arena, starts in the proud City-Estate of Ekurbaal. Its wise King managed to keep the Spider priests at bay without infuriating them, for he was a great diplomat, the city was rich, his guards many and well-armed, and he had a powerful Sorcerer by his side.

But, like any other person, he had a soft spot: his only male son and heir to the throne, Prince Euki. The royal line was burdened by a dreadful cursed since times immemorial, but the curse had remained dormant for generations and the King had spared no expense to ensure the safety of his son. There was a sumptuous feast to celebrate the coming of age of the Prince, but the Moon turned red and the curse stroke, turning the young man into a bloodthirsty monster. He took many lives before powerful spells and chains of pure silver held him until he turned human again the next morning.

The King was desperate to save his beloved son from this wretched fate. Priests and Wizards were summoned to Ekurbaal but their art and powers were unable to break the chains of his son’s affliction. Unrest and uncertainty reigned in the city, and the old King had a suitable heir to the throne no more. Then the envoy of the Spider Cult came, a silver-tongued devil ready to prey on the despair of the old King. Swallowing his pride, he was forced to beseech the Spider priest for a cure, willing to do whatever it took. The price was high indeed, the Spider would become the only faith allowed in the city, and a great temple was to be built to honor the Spider God.

The Prince was taken to the ancient city Akrabanna, where the repulsive creature known as Damkribu the Seer, used her necklace made of demons and wizards’ eyes to gain the forbidden knowledge needed to alter the curse. Sinister rituals took place before the unholy effigy of the God of a Thousand Eyes and pacts were made with demons older than the race of Men. The High Priest of the Spider cult, Ur-Sukalum himself, led the triumphant parade of the Spider Cult returning the restored Prince to his rightful place beside his father at Ekurbaal. And he demanded the King to fulfill his promises, and the King has no option but to oblige.

However, the mists of treachery obscured the truth. Beneath the guise of benevolence, the Spider Cult harbored a sinister agenda. A month passed by, and the Spider quietly extended its influence beneath the temple, but the Prince appeared to be cured and the King was a man of honor. Then, as the moon waxed and waned, the Prince transformed again.  Consumed by the insatiable hunger of the beast within, he savagely slew his own father, the very one who sought his salvation. In a calculated move, the Spider Cult seized the opportunity to exploit the chaos. They manipulated the kingdom’s grieving heart, swiftly establishing a puppet king—a mere figurehead to dance upon the strings of their web. Powerful was the bestial Prince, but he proved to be no match to Ur-Sukalum, he captured the monstrous Prince because his destiny was already planned.

The city once ruled by honor and nobility now stood as a testament to the Spider Cult’s dominance and a cautionary tale to all. Its twisted streets whispered the echoes of a prince’s tragic fall from grace, forever reminding the world of the treacherous path that awaited those who defied the Spider Cult’s malevolent might. The nefarious plan of Ur-Sukalum brought fruit, Ekurbaal was under the heel of the Cult, the King was dead, and the Prince turned forever into a beast never to regain human form. In a cruel mockery of his former station, they adorned him with resplendent jewels, transforming him into a grotesque spectacle—a haunting warning to noble houses and rulers who dared to challenge the Spider Cult’s authority. He was renamed Zorgalab the Destroyer, and he was forced to fight in the merciless arenas, the prince, now a monstrous pawn, became a macabre offering to their dark deity, the Spider God.

Guts & Glory cover


Spiders lurk everywhere, and they learn many secrets. Now, I’m going to reveal to you one. Come closer and listen.

I overheard the priests whispering the other day at the Spider Temple, something about a gladiatorial tournament called The Black Ring. I think it’s something big.

Apparently, it will take place in many lands, some of them unknown to me, like somewhere called Azor.

And the prize… the prize is the legendary Sword of Immortality! I shiver thinking about what these spiderlings could do with such a powerful weapon. But you look strong, my friend. What if I get you into this tournament and we split the profits? You can keep the sword, of course. I’ll just handle the bets before the combats. You can trust me.

The Red Warrior (Forge of Doom) vs. Hrothgar Blood Axe (Bronze Age)

I am working on a gladiatorial Sword & Sorcery game with miniatures called Guts & Glory. All or nearly all my Spider Cult miniatures will be featured in the game, along with some new ones (rest assured, the Cult will get some new heroes and reinforcements). Expect special attacks, facing monsters, hordes of enemies, and other players in an exciting tournament taking place in any of the three settings available, each one with its own monsters and enemies:

  • The barbaric and frozen setting, from Bronze Age.
  • The hidden and mysterious island of Azor, from Forge of Ice.
  • The exotic lands under the rule of the Spider God, from Forge of Doom.

Three different miniature creators (Bronze Age Miniatures, Forge of Ice, and Forge of Doom) combining their efforts to produce a series of unique sourcebooks, each based on their own settings, as well as a unifying booklet detailing the Black Ring, its Master, and the tournament of champions that challenges him once every 133 years.

The Master of the Black Ring (preview concept image, not final), from Forge of Ice.

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