TE001 – Damkribu the Seer


The Daughter of the Spider God, a powerful Seer and Sorcerer.

Sculpted by Tom Meier.
Painted by José Davinci.


Legends tell that a young priestess was once seduced by the whispers of the Spider God. From such an unholy union a hideous creature was born, an abominable fusion of human and arachnid. She was named Damkribu, the Daughter of the Spider God Akrabu.
She wears a necklace made with the eyes of defeated wizards and demons. Using it, she can peer through the mists of time to behold Things That Are, Things That Were, and Things That Are Yet to Come. Her dreadful magicks strike fear into all.

Lead-free figure. All models are supplied unpainted. They are not toys, and some contain small parts, so they are not recommended for young children. May require assembly.


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